Understand Photograph


Photography isn’t just a photograph that produce through lenses, it’s broader than a story to tell. Discovering the elements in a photograph makes me wonder the visualising of the lights, forms, shapes, texture, that creates arts in it.

What I understand about photography is the structural elements that appears in the main subject, balance, unity, proportion, linear, rule of third, viewpoint, and all the technical elements that cross the lenses.

This is a photo that I took when I was in Santorini, Greece. Ariel view of Oia showing the view of the sea and the land that separates which gives the effect of a story about the place. An old active volcanic area that grew up to a beautiful place with a great cliff houses surround it.

Living in there for 4days 3nights really makes the hearts felt in love about pieces of the journey there. Such a great experience to discover from day to day. The culture, the houses, the shops, the restaurant and the people mix all together to create the balance of the nature. White wash buildings and contrast colors of doors and window are the main attraction of my eyes. It blend with the beach beside it. Truly heaven on earth. Surely the heaven is much more beautiful then the world we live in today.


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