Art Of Seeing


“Within you lives vast reservoirs of beautiful creativity. Potential so bright it blinds my eyes. Bravery so heroic it inspires our hearts” -Robin Sharma.

It’s like a turning point in my life that we’re all in a different state of awareness, from the biggest teacher in my life is the experience that I had gone through which brings me into a new form of mentality that direct me to my dreams. We all have our dreams that somehow it’s different, not to compare, but to celebrate our differentiation.

The art of seeing things in the deepest soul is more than the lines that appears, the shape that it created, the volume that fills up the space to build a new form, it’s a continuous state of living. The elements that composed in the frame that matter, which include the subject, balance, proportion, unity, linear, view point that construct in between the rule of thirds.

Bow and lower your heart to learn something from what He had created.

Thank you,

with love and respect



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