Food Photography Promotion


“Great Food, Great Photograph”

I am Fadhilah of Professional Food Photographer from Saiful Nang Academy. I’m interested to offer my photography service for your beautiful and tasty cakes, food and drinks.

Together with this, I attach herewith my photography portfolio for your review and offering you an introductory price for my service.


This promotion is up till September 2015. Book your slot for best offer and get 30% discount for next photography session with no limited due date. This promotion is open to 5 early birds. So why wait? Contact and book now.

We can help you:

  • Restaurant / Food operators who need photos for food menu, food packaging or food brochure
  • Kiosks that require photos for their kiosk menu or deco
  • Recipe book publisher that don’t have pictures for their books
  • Great chefs who still produce excellent food with no pictures that comparable to the taste of your food
  • Home-made baker / chefs who need pictures for their Instagram, facebook or other social media
  • Photographer for birthday party and food events

You will get:

  • Softcopy of all your food photos
  • Large photo resolution
  • Pay when you’re satisfied with the photo

Promotions are limited to 5 early birds only.

If you think this post is informative and helping, do share and like or tag your friends who is in need of professional food photographer. Thank you very much for your time.

I appreciate your time reviewing this post and it will be a pleasure for me to attend a meeting with you at your convenient time.

Let’s meet up for negotiable

I’m reachable by

Phone: 013 – 3667882




Instagram: @foodbyfad

Thank you very much for your time.

With love and respect,

Fadhilah Zakariah.


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