New Chapter


A serious major transition in 2016. A mix of everything, yes, everything. Couldn’t think more about works, designs, fitness, freelancing, or even holding a phone.

Experiencing a real relationship and got married early 2016, short honeymoon since not feeling well, flat at home because facing morning sickness all day, everyday through out my pregnancy till my baby was delivered, blessed with a healthy son, my wedding ring was stolen at the end of 2016. Got to wake up in the middle of the night to soothe the crying baby, change diapers and what not.

2016, what a year, what a year. Planned to continue study but have to forget about it, still got debts here and there, plus plus (insert thousand of reasons of failure). And right now need to think how to do freelance with a breast-feed baby with me. Having this little one really change my life, it’s like living in a never-ending marathon. Adjusting myself being a mother which most of my friends didn’t belief with my status. I don’t need anyone approval to be one, for real, I am a mom now.

A new chapter in 2017. Amanah Allah.

Just, welcome.


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