Little Hero


Small celebration for his first birthday, a small yet remarkable one just for him. To celebrate the moment I delivered him to this world, the joy of having him in my life. The biggest changes that I had experiencing from being pregnant, until you’re developing to the brightest child. Your smile, your laugh, your tears, is all so precious to me until I don’t think that working life is important to me. What is more important is your everyday development infront of my eyes could not replace with gold, money or materials in this world. Dear Aqil, Thank you for always there for ummi through our struggles and Thank you for allowing me to learn to be a good mother everyday. You’re the best gift that Allah send to me, may you always be in his blessings and keep Allah and quran close to you son.

(16 November 2016, 8am)

Written on November, 2017. 

Love, ummi.


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