After a while


Strolling around Ipoh when Aqil turning 8 months old this month. His second roadtrip adventure with us after Terengganu (not including balik kampung roadtrip melaka-bagan datok). More adventure awaits! And I can strart doing street photography again!




That moment when you want to isolate yourself from everyone.

That moment when depression always kicks in at the same time of the day everyday.

That moment when you less expected and get blinded.

That moment when the one showed up and making a new chapter, the life change forever – either good or bad, things change where eventually you end up where you need to be, hibernation.

What’s 2020 will be? que sera sera..?


New Chapter


A serious major transition in 2016. A mix of everything, yes, everything. Couldn’t think more about works, designs, fitness, freelancing, or even holding a phone.

Experiencing a real relationship and got married early 2016, short honeymoon since not feeling well, flat at home because facing morning sickness all day, everyday through out my pregnancy till my baby was delivered, blessed with a healthy son, my wedding ring was stolen at the end of 2016. Got to wake up in the middle of the night to soothe the crying baby, change diapers and what not.

2016, what a year, what a year. Planned to continue study but have to forget about it, still got debts here and there, plus plus (insert thousand of reasons of failure). And right now need to think how to do freelance with a breast-feed baby with me. Having this little one really change my life, it’s like living in a never-ending marathon. Adjusting myself being a mother which most of my friends didn’t belief with my status. I don’t need anyone approval to be one, for real, I am a mom now.

A new chapter in 2017. Amanah Allah.

Just, welcome.

Living in the cliché

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

That moment when you think you’re out of your mind, ending of my 2015 by deciding to get married to the man beside me. Everything went of so fast, got to know him on May 2015, engage on October, and bam! got married on January 2016. What a start of the year, sound so tough but this is what is stated in my life goals. Marking on another goal on the list and writing out the new lines of goals to achieve.
He is just nobody, no title needed, and nothing they should know much about this epic relationship. It’s like I am looking to another perspective of life. Just us, in a wonderland, with close friends, his family, my family, that filled with Alhamdulillah, happiness. Thank you love for choosing me to be the best person by your side. Let’s sail off the ocean of life together!

Anyway, it isn’t too late yet to greet you a happy new year! wishing dear bloggers and readers from all over the world, may the year bring out the best in us, good health, success and bountiful life.

Much love,


Food Photography Promotion


“Great Food, Great Photograph”

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  • Photographer for birthday party and food events

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