A train ride

photography, travel


This was taken when I visited Swiss in 2012, time flies fast and I could still feel that I was there like yesterday. Captured this while on a train ride from Interlaken to Top of Europe.

It’s been a while since my last write..

Counting days of being a worker, but my heart was cringe to rule a business. And always believe that the family business blood are keep running in my head almost everyday. Is not that I don’t want to take the risk of not working, is just that the time for now really forcing me work under a company which I know I will have to own this in near future.

For my passion is always photography, and studied as an interior designer was always making me creating my life as one. Wanted to further my master studies in interior design, work as an interior design consultant, and have my own super creative studio is always my No 1 dreams.

I hope I can still control my thoughts and behavior to be a leader in my own dreams soon, perhaps. Progress, progress, progress.

[she is still under construction]